Sourdough Recipe Compilation Part I

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v2.01, Nov. 1993

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From: Darrell Greenwood

Subject: FAQ Recipes (part 1 of 2)

Summary: A collection of recipes from the Sourdough Mailing List that preceded the newsgroup

Date: 11 Jun 2010 04:19:39 GMT

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Sourdough Recipe Compilation, v2.01, Nov. 1993.

Generated from/for the Sourdough Mailing List.

This list of recipes was updated from a work originally put forward by Jason Yanowitz <> There were 19 recipes in that first version compiled last march. There are now more than 90 recipes, and the works is fast becoming the size of a book!

The atributions have been re-inserted in this latest version by David Adams. ( If you have posted a signifigant recipe which did not make it's way into this collection you might send a note to that address. Clearly as any work aproaches such a large size decisions will need to be made as far as removing some recipes. At this point there is quite some redundancy with many many similar recipes for biscuits or for Amish Friendship Bread etc. With experience and better editing, perhaps future versions may eliminate some of this redundancy.

Table of Contents Sourdough Recipe Compilation Part I 000 STARTER RECIPES 001 Sourdough Starters 001a Sourdough Starter #1 001b Sourdough Starter #2 001c Sourdough Starter #3 001d Sourdough Starter #4 001e Sourdough Starter #5 001f Sourdough Starter #6 002 Sourdough Starter 100 SOURDOUGH WHITE BREAD RECIPES 101 The "World" Bread 102 Basic Bread (not from Sourdough Jack) 103 My Favorite White Bread Recipe 104 The Doctor's Sourdough Bread 105 David's Sourdough White Bread 106 Sourdough Buttermilk Bread 200 SOURDOUGH RYE BREADS 201 David's Wheat and Rye Bread 202 Tanya's Peasant Black Bread 203 Manuel's Starter Roberta's Sourdough Rye 204 Russian Starter Breads 204b Finnish Sour Rye 205 Dark Rye Bread Borodinskii 206 Sourdough Rye Bread 207 Sourdough Pumpernickel 208 Caraway Rye Bread 209 Moscow-Style Dark Rye Bread 210 Russian Black Bread 211 Notes on Russian Sourdough Bread I. Sourness of Russian cultures and the ratio of rye:wheat flour. II. A sample recipe for Borodino bread. 300 SOURDOUGH FRENCH BREADS 301 Sourdough French Bread 302 Sourdough French Bread 303 Sourdough French Bread (For Bread Machine) 304 Sourdough French Bread 304a Sourdough French Bread 304b Sourdough French Bread 305 Sourdough French Bread 306 Pain De Campagne (Pain au Levain) 400 WHOLE WHEAT AND OTHER BREADS 401 Seasoned Flat Bread 402 Whole Wheat Potato Bread 403 Sheepherder Bread 404 Cheese Batter Bread 405 Cumin Bread 406 Rewena Paraoa (Maori Bread) 407 Stove Top Bread 408 Raisin/Cinnamon Bread 409 Sourdough Sour Cream Raisin Bread 500 PIZZA CRUST, FOCACCIA, STROMBOLI ETC. 501 Sourdough Pizza Shells 502 David's Most Excellent Sourdough Pizza Crust 503 Sourdough Focaccia 600 DINNER ROLLS & BUNS ETC. 601 Rolls 602-- Cinnamon Buns 603 Sourdough English Muffins 603a Sourdough English Muffins 604 Sourdough Bagels 604a Bagels 605 Sourdough Cornbread 606 Sourdough Hot Rolls 607 Super Sourdough Corn Bread 608 Sourdough Corn Bread

Table of Contents for whole FAQ:



000) Explanation about Starter Recipes.

001) Sourdough Starter #1--#6

002) Sourdough Starter

203) Manuel's Starter <-- Look for this one in the Rye Breads.

406) Rewena <-- For use with Rewena Paraoa (Maori Bread)

710) Ambrosia Batter <-- Used with "American Slapjacks" but

useful for much more.


101) "World" Bread

102) "Basic Bread"

103) "My Favorite White Bread"

104) The Doctor's Sourdough Bread

105) David's Sourdough White Bread

106) Sourdough & Buttermilk bread


201) David's Wheat and Rye Bread

211) Borodino Russian Sourdough Rye

202) Tanya's Peasant Black Bread