HI there:  You need help?....WE all need help, but for now here are the best web sites I have ever found for exactly that, well sourdough help at least:>



This site tells you of all the problems you might have and what to do about them.  Yeah good luck with the husband or wife problems, he couldn't help me there, but starter problems he has the answers.


this next site is just awesome, the guy really knows his sourdough stuff, don't get caught up in the goofy European measurements though.


What's that you say, you have a little time on your hands and prefer a visual?  Maybe an easy class on sourdough?  Well I teamed up with Teresa L Greenway, who does just that, she gives online classes and allows you to ask as many questions as you want, but she couldn't answer where I left my cell phone.  She is an amazing teacher and her classes are super cheap.


If you do take a class, let her know that Chris from sourdough starters got you there.