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Lets face it. Your a freak. Your gluten free and blah blah blah. I don't, or should I say didn't understand you, like so many other people. This is just one of those fads. Take something out and charge more. People don't understand you and this gluten free thing and actually don't want to understand you. I WAS one of those people UNTIL...SAMANTHA.

Samantha is my youngest sons awesome girlfriend. Sam is no push over. She is strong, fiesty and bull headed. I love her. But, she announced she is gluten free. Well this was a few years back and information was little at best and I was not going along for the ride. Really, you can't eat gluten? What are you gonna die. Well in her case no. She claims she would swell up in the throat and get really flemmy. Yeah right, this is nuts. So since we all cook in my house, it was easy to sneak some gluten into her next meal. Ah crap, she did start to flem up. I didn't kill her, but I did feel like an uneducated jerk.. So, from that point on we all learned to cook gluten free when Sammy came to visit. It really wasn't hard and basically I couldn't really tell much difference, except in the breads. Sam would even make a sandwich with two leaves of lettuce instead of gluten free bread, because the bread back then was god awful. Fast forward a few years and I'm baking real sourdough bread every week and feeding the neighbors. One fateful day I was giving my next door neighbor a couple loaves of bread and she exclaimed how hard it is to watch her firefighter sons devour my fresh bread and she could have none since she had to be gluten free. She then asked "can't you make a sourdough starter that is gluten free". With a tilt of my head I knew that my o.c.d. and a.d.h.d. were about to set in. Why not? All I need is gluten free flour and if my yeastie beasties eat it and grow, were on our way. Well did I get lucky, she gave me 5 pounds of a very specific g.f. flour Maninni's.

I took it home and into the lab (kitchen) I went to work. I have 8 yeast cultures, who gets the go ahead? I really liked the idea of using my San Francisco yeasties, but I have two, Sally and Bella, hey, why not shoot them both into there. I did and wow, they loved this stuff. Ok, lets bake bread. Thats where it got tuff. I want good bread, fluffy bread what turned out was chicken food, aka I didn't like it so it goes to the chickens. Whats going on, why why why and then all of a sudden I hit on what I call great science or just dumb luck, probably the later, and I produced a great tasting fluffy loaf of g.f. sourdough bread. I ate it, I liked it, can I do it again? I did and in all my glory I took it over to my neighbors house to give her a treat she hadn't had in years. Only problem was that her pregnant daughter in law, who actually had to be taken to the emergency room because all of a sudden she had a really bad reaction to gluten, heard I had a loaf of warm g.f. bread and she devoured it in front of me. All I could think was oh no, please don't die!! She didn't die of course and what I saw was another purpose for me in life. Bring warm bread back into the lives of gluten free people. So there you have it, the story of why I created SAMMY.

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