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Sally is a REAL sourdough starter from San Francisco itself. She was acquired from a devious employee of the famed Parisian Bakery of San Francisco fame. The Parisian Bakery closed it's doors sometime around 2005 and has been missed in San Francisco since. How did I acquire her, well let us just say that I know a friend of a friend who. Ok, dam it, I admit that I paid for her on a street corner somewhere between Polk and Hyde. He seemed a little shady, but he had a loaf of bread under his arm and I could tell it was the real deal. We made the deal, cash was exchanged, I got the loaf of bread and a small packet of white powder. I know, I know, what was I thinking. It was broad daylight and in clear view of so many people, but it is San Francisco and a naked guy was walking down the street. So, maybe I was the more obvious person. Well, I took the bread home and the powder also, I devoured the bread with lots of butter and of course a crab from the warf. The powder was given life seven years ago almost to this day and has been creating the most fabulous bread ever since.

Well now, most of that story is actually true. But, what you need to know is that Sally is the real deal. She blows big big holes in her bread. She is real active and sour. In fact she is so active that her name comes from a song. Ride Sally Ride. YOU WANT THIS ONE.

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