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Open 5th - Salt

So, your making bread this weekend right:> I'm playing with a new idea and way to make the perfect San Francisco loaf. I want it crunchy, chewy and very sour. If it works, I will send you the measurments and timing and what I did. But, my head all of a sudden asked, whats with salt in bread baking? How much, how little and why?

Gotta love the internet:

check this small article out, very informative, since basic bread is flour/water/yeast and SALT, we should understand what they are doing before we can move forward.



p.s. how do you know if your starter is ready to make bread with? Now i'm talking very active here, not really sour. Take a glass of cold water, and drizzle some starter onto the water, did it float? If it did, its ready to make bread, if it sank, give it more time to fermentate, you can put it in the 100% oven to speed it up if needed. Test it out, newly fed starter will sink, fementated starter that has lots of gas and activity will float, pretty cool stuff that I just learned also:>


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