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#3 Gluten Free Starter Thoughts

The following web site has good information on making g.f. bread.  This was one of our first breads and then we adapted this recipe into our sourdough recipe.  check it out...

this next web site has a recipe for g.f. sourdough pancakes that we really liked:

Questions always arise: did I kill my starter.   The only thing that can really kill your starter is high heat!!! Other than that, it can always be revived..My daughter, put her bowl in the fridge for weeks, it formed a hard crust and super think paste under that....did she kill it, NO...I broke off the hard stuff, (which I could have broken up and brought back to life with flour and water), I added warm water to her paste and liquified it...I added flour and put the bowl on the counter,,,ITS ALIVE:>....she better be making bread today :>..... REMEMBER:  You are storing 1/2 cup or more starter in your fridge, in a jar with holes punched in the top....this is your baby to make more batches of starter from, dont forget to always pull 1/2 cup or more before you make bread and return this to the fridge... What if you dont feed the starter in the fridge, thats ok, I go months without feeding some of my starters, but if im using them on a regular basis, I feed weekly... what if black liquid or mold forms on top.....happens alot.....scape off any mold, that stuff is just gross.....liquid can be poured off or mixed back in, it is an alcohol base, I prefer to pour it off....and then feed your starter...once fully active, I BELIEVE, it will kill off any bad mold stuff....although clean your jar. In activating your starter, I recommend the oven with the light of the fridge is a warm place also....the t.v. cabinet works great also....basically , a warm place keeps the yeastie beasties growing at a FAST pace....on the counter is just fine also, if it is warm in your house....if cold, they will multiply slowly, but they are still active.. hope this helps chris


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